Who is Malaja ? 

If you know me you know that I have been saying I am going to swab my mouth to find out who &  what I am for over a billion years. After learning that I have an Aunt on my father’s side that lives less then 30 minutes away from me I said enough is enough I need to really find out WHO IS MALAJA HATURIA FRANCIS HICKS? 

For starters I know that I am a mixed. I can tell you that for ea fact I am Black , Taino Indian , Italian and Irish. Anything else don’t ask. The farthest I can tell you as far as the family tree goes is my Great Grand Parents on both sides. 

So far I know :

My Mother’s Side   – 

  • My Grandfather who is Italian and Irish was adopted at birth. I can’t tell you nothing about this side of my family at all.
  • My Grandmother passed away when my mother was young. My mother was not raised by her mother but she was raised by her mothers side. 
  • Also on my mothers side I can tell you that my Great- Grandfather (My Mothers Mothers Father) was in the military.  That’s about as far as I can tell you from memory. I never knew my biological Great- Grandfather. 
  • My Great Grandmother who is still living at the age of 82. My Great Grandmother remarried after divorcing my Great Grandfather. I was raised with my Great Grandmothers 2nd Husband as my Great Grandfather may he rest in peace. 
  • My Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather (Biological) had 7 kids together before divorcing one another. 

My Father’s Side – 

  • My Grandfather who is black and white (I don’t know what exactly ) ,  fought in the Vietnam War. He also divorced my grandmother and remarried and had another kid. Just today I learned that my Grandfather had a daughter at the age of 16 who my family just discovered.
  • My father wasn’t really that close with his dad side of the family , ONLY my Great Grandfather a few years before he passed away. 
  •  My Grandmother who is Black and Taino Indian  (who is still living at 72) survived breast cancer twice and most of her family is till down south in North Carolina & Virgina . 
  • My Great Grandmother & Great GrandFather both resided in the south the had 5 kids which two live in NYC and the rest down south. I only have memories of my Great Grandmother after she took ill and then passed away a few years ago.

With all of that being said I went on Ancestry.com and started to fill in my family tree. 

As far as next steps go I will be asking my grandmother , great grand mother & grandfather questions to see how far they can trace my family back. Them from there I will try and find down south where my family started and go find some records on my family. Also by the time Christmas rolls around I am going to take the DNA TEST to find out what nationality I am. I will continue to update you guys on my journey. I hope that you will continue this Journey with me as I learn about my family and who I am more.

This Post was not sponsored , if you wish to sponsor any further post please feel free to contact me by email , through my site or by social media. 

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