A Hack Of Life All Naturals Must Know 

I personally live by this hack for RESTORING & MOISTURIZINGmy curls back to life. Maybe once or twice a month depending on the condition & state of my curls. The Mayo Treatment of Life . This mayo hair mask no only restore lost proteins in my hair but it also helps restore my curls back to its natural state. Being that I am in the middle of getting my heat damaged hair under control I tend to see a diffrence every time I do this treatment. My curls become more manageable and way softer. 

Tools for hair mask : 

  • Mayo (of course it wouldn’t be a mayo mask with out it ) 
  • Hair clips (to hold sections ) 
  • Bottle of water (to wet hair so detangling is easier ) 
  • Hair oil of your choice for extra moister 
  • Shower comb or Wide tooth comb (to detangle hair ) 
  • Deman Brush ( to coat hair evenly with mask ) 
  • 1-2 eggs depending on hair thickenss (optional – an egg add extra protein and shine) 
  • Gloves (for extra slip and hands to stay clean) 

Steps to restoring your curls with a Mayo Hair Mask : 

  1. Section your hair in four sections 
  2. Spray your hair with water 
  3. Start your detangling process 
  4. Oil your hair with your favorite oil to give your hair that extra moisture while using the hair mask 
  5. Drench each section of Mayo into each section while finger detangling making sure you coat each strang 
  6. Cover your hair with plastic cap for 30-45 minutes 
  7. Continue with your usual wash day routine 


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