My name is Malaja Dior & I am a Recovering Addict ! ! 

Yes I said it ! I am a recovering addict of HEAT! Exactly one year ago i decided it was time to put the flat iorn down for good and embrace my naturally curly hair. Now don’t get me wrong I still straighten my hair every few months but it’s it’s more so a privallege for my hair nowadays. My hair has been threw hell and back. My first mistake ever was perming it in middle school because I wanted my curls to be looser and more “manageable”. Worst mistake of my life because not only did it make my curls so dull with no life but it thinned my hair out so much until it isn’t even funny. I also felt my hair stopped growing once I permed it. My hair wouldn’t grow past my shoulders.

And then I went through the I don’t give a shit about my hair no more phase. So everyday in high school during my freshman year I would throw my hair up in a little weak bun and call it a day which caused my edges began m to break away little by little and let’s not for get about my horrible ends.

After that phase was over I started dying my hair my sophomore year of high school. It really didn’t change anything drastically but my hair just kept thinning out more and more and more. But this is when I fell in love with my honey blonde hair ! During this year was the year I also started to experiment with extensions such as clip ins , in between tracks to fill out my thinned hair. I even remember this year was the year I lost a lot of hair because the lady who was installing my inbetween tracks was braiding my hair way tooooooooo tight so my hair began to thin even more.

As I went into my 3rd year of high school I started to do full heads of weave and then dyed my hair black. Which eventually faded into my natural hair color dark brown. This year my hair stayed at its phase of just being thin and growing extremely slow. But I had gotten my first job at Chuck E Cheese. ( That’s another story in its self) so I needed something quick fast & in a hurry so that I wouldn’t have to worry about fixing my hair for work and school each day.

During my senior year it was sort of the same deal. Except I wasn’t working I was in the Senior Executive Board which was a job in its self so ended up quiting Chuck E. Cheese and ended up staying in my school until 8-9 o’clock at night preparing my senior classes activities for the year. (Senior Trip , Senior Dances , Senior Prom , Senior pictures , Senior Week, Senior Assemblies ……. and thing that involves senior year Senior Executive Board Planned it)

And then rolled fresh man year of college. I originally wanted to continue getting my sew-ins all year round so I wouldnt have to straighten my hair so much but that didn’t happen so during my freshman year in came a lot of heat damage. I noticed that my curls were becoming looser and looser as the year went on I continued to straighter my hair all the time. When I wasn’t straightening it I tried to wear it in braidouts but that wouldn’t last long at all. During second semester I died my hair honey blonde again and you could see the damage that’s my hair has been through even more now that it was lighter. Again me dying my hair didn’t damage my hair the heat that i continued to put my through end up frying my hair like French fries. During my freshman year I also started to biotin pills which began to make my hair thick again. I believe that is one reason my hair took to the dying of my hair so well. But the flat iorn was honestly the death of my hair.

As the year went on I ended up putting another sew in my hair because I couldn’t stand the look of my natural hair because of how horrible it started to loook.

As the year ended and I came back home during the summer of 2015 i began to treat my hair and I started protective styles such as braids and braid outs to help recover my hair. In October of 2015 I decided I would not be putting heat on my hair any more. But I lied to myself I put heat to check the length every few months but I do protective styles and sew in much more often.

June 2016 ( Birthday Month Full Head Sewin )

April 2016 ( my favorite protective style two corn rows back )

March 2016 ( Length check with Clip ins)

Curl Progress in March 2016

Feb 2016 Braid Out day 4/5 almost wash day

February 2016 (Buns) 

February 2016 (cornrows taken out) 

January 1, 2016 (Length Check) 

October 2015 / when I started the Journey to Healthy Hair

September 2015

August 2015

July 2015

And here we are now a year later after taking the steps to recovering from horrible heat damage. My curls are forming back into what my natural curls with the the help of protective styles , Deep conditioning weekly, protein treatments monthly depending on how dry my hair is feeling, switching to sulfate free shampoo and overall taking better care of my hair.

Yes I know have a ways to go but I am just so proud of the progress my hair has continued to make along the way. In January I will begin the Journey of growing out my hair to waist length hair.

Xoxo Malaja Dior

* PS look out for more post on my natural hair journey I will be posting some of my favorite Deep Conditioners & Treatments as well as healthy hair Tips and Tricks * 

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