Mielle Organics : Is it Worth the Hype ?

bundledeal__76858-1459345122-500-500This past month I wanted to step out of my usual products & try some new products. I finally was able to get my hand on the Mielle Organics. I was able to get my hands on the Edge Control , Almond Mint Oil, Deep Conditioner , & Conditioning Shampoo. At first I thought it was all hype but must I say it is worth the hype & I am HOOKED. These products do not disappoint not one bit. They not prevail in affect but smell is amaze balls.

Babassu Oil Conditioning Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Retails : $15.00


First of all this shampoo cleanses my hair so perfcectly with out leaving my hair feeling stipped of its natural oils. This product is a SULFATE FREE Shampoo & Color Safe. The Shampoo is typically for Dry & Curly Hair.  Ever wanted to smell your shampoo after using it in the shower  WELL HERE IT IS !  (PRODUCT RATING : 10/10)

Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

Retails : $14.99


Let me tell you about this magic in a 8 Oz Bottle. This product is one of the very best DEEP CONDITIONERS I have ever tried. Not only does it work as a great deep conditioner it works as a protein treatment as well. The magic helped my curls pop give me until January with this stuff my hair will fully be back to health and as well as longer. When you put this product in your hair you immediately feel a tingling sensation which means it is working its MAGIC. I heard from a birdie that the Babassu Oil in this product is like Coconut on steroids. My only negative about this product  is that the bottle is so small I wish that the product was in a Shea Moisture Bottle.(PRODUCT RATING : 10000000/10)

Mint Almond Oil

Retails : $13.99


This Oil is literally made with GODS HANDS. I have been in search for a new oil that would help my mother && I with our scalps. Before using this oil I couldn’t go 2 days with out having to re-oil my hair because of it feeling dry. Now I can stretch my hair about to double that amount in time. It also is light weight so it doesn’t weight down the hair shaft. it also works great as a hot oil treatment in my opinion. GOD IS GOOD. (PRODUCT RATING : 10/10)

Honey & Ginger Edge Gel

Retails : $13.99


I can finally say that I have found a product that can hold my curly edges. Not to mention the smell is AMAZING. This edge gel is soft but durable to hold. A little goes a looooooooooooooooooooooooong way. So I know that this product something that will last for the longest amount of time. This is also lasts all day long with out having to re-apply through out the day.  (PRODUCT RATING : 10/10)

Overall Mielle Organics has a new found customer who will be purchasing their products and eventually be reviewing everything that the have to offer.


 If you want to continue to see product reviews please feel free to contact 
Email Me : Malajadior@gmail.com 
DM me on social media @Realmalajadior_

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