Saying Good Bye To The Big Ole Bitties


It comes a time in a young woman’s life that her body goes through some changes. She starts to gain hips , she gains big ole thighs , and then her boobies grow. Now I am very thankful for what the man above has given me because I know some people pay thousands of dollars to get what I have which is a HUGE CHEST. GOD BLESSED ME when he was thinking of giving me these big ole giagantic watermelons. Through out the years I love being all grown up to be able to wear a bra but GIRL LET ME TELL YOU. I am done & over the  stage of having an over developed chest. My chest is so big that I think personally I look like Wendy Willams with a bikni on after she had breast implants and had a few too many lines of coke.


For years I have struggled with finding the right bra to hold these thangs up. I can never find a good bathing suit for the summer because I was scared and uncomfortable in my own body. To this day now I haven’t been in a pool or to a beach with out a big t-shirt covering the fact that I wasn’t wearing a good bathing suit top.

It wasn’t until about 7/8 years ago when I went to Florida with a really good friend and her family on vacation and I cried one night on that vacation because I kept looking in the mirror and nothing was fitting right when it came to my bathing suit. So I said to my self it is time I do something about this. I started looking up things that can help the appearance of my breast. I talked to my doctors for years before going off to college. The Doctors told me that I should wait until I had kids so I really didn’t think nothing of it any more.

When it all Began to bother me after 8th Grade Prom

Finally my senior year of high school came around and boy was I in for hell. First of all my prom dress wasn’t ready when it was supposed to be so my mother & I went in prom crisis mode and started searching for a dress 2 days before prom. We went to about 7 stores to find a dress because every time I went into a new store to find a dress It just didn’t fit right at all. In  no shape or form. I was to point I started balling in the dressing room & I told my mother  I didn’t want to go to prom. My mother made it her business that I was going to get a dress because she already paid over $500 for my prom already. I finally found a dress that day and went to prom (that is a whole other story for a whole different day).

Senior Year Picture Day
Junior Year one of the most rarest Non Selfies you will ever find because i hated my full body pictures that I personally didnt take
The Dress I Finally Found For Prom

My freshman year of college came around and it went well I started to loose weight and I started feeling a slight bit more confident in my body but as far as my boobs goes nothing really changeed since then I have switched from regular bras to using nothing but sports bras because that is the old thing that I ever feel comfortable in. Bras are just not comfortable at this point any more to me at all. All I want to do is cry and rip off my bra. NOW I did feel more energized since I did loose about 20-30 pound (the way I lost the weight is for another post and another day ) but the amount of pain I start to endure was excruciating. I could barley stand for 20 minutes with out taking a break because my lower back was in pain. Even when I cleaned my dorm room I needed to take breaks not because I was out of breath or out of shape and didnt want to clean but because my back was killing me in all types of angles. Let me not even start to begin when it was that time of the month what I wanted to do.

My 20th Birthday

So the following year of 2015 I came home from school after one year of school I came back home and told my mother I wanted a breast reduction. She responded  ” Once your new insurance comes in we will definitely look into it. ! “. My mother & I switched insurances being that she got a new job! So finally my insurance cards came in and I started the process of looking for a plastic surgeon. After looking for a surgeon I made my first appointment with my new general doctor (Meredith Grey if you watch Grey’s Anatomy). She immediately looked at me and asked if  I ever thought about getting a breast reduction. I told her she read my mind and I have wanted it for years but the doctors before you gave all gave me the same thing “you should wait until you have kids.” She the proceeded to give me a referral to a doctor that is not even a Mark Sloan but he was in his field. Time comes for my appomintment with the doctor , Going in I knew that I had gained a few pounds back but the weight only went to my thighs & breast so by breast started to feel and look even more HUGE.

I went to the the office and things didn’t go right, I thought at first was going to right because the nurse who took my vitals had told me that a Lady just got approved to get a breast reduction because of the same problems I was having. Once I got into the room where I would meet the actual doctor I waited about 20-30 minutes before the suergon even came in my room. Once the doctor came in he proceeded to tell that “Before I even think about doing the surgery I would have to loose weight”  Keep in mind this doctor didn’t look at me , measure nothing he flat out said ” loose weight and then we will think about it”

How I naturally sit ! My posture is horrible!

Thinking to my self I’m like I’m coming in here only 165 and 5’2″. What else weight am I supposed to loose , I can’t loose any weight by going to the gym because when I’m working out it’s giving me the most back pain in the world I barley can do the simplist things with out wanting to cry & on top of that my asthma has gotten so much more worst with in the past couple of years due to the fact that have so much weight on my chest weighing me down. My posture isn’t right I can’t sit straight non of that. If the doctor would have looked at me he would’ve noticed that I have a small hunch in my shoulders because I am so leant over because of my huge chest that I have.

After Coming Home After Freshman Year

After hearing that news immediately I called my mother and started to ball my eyes out “Ma they told me that I had to loose weight before thinking about doing the surgery” , my mother calmed me down and said don’t worry we will find you another doctor and you will get the surgery done. I then proceeded to call my grandmother on my father side who is a 2 time breast cancer survivor. I explained to her what happened and she said “Malaja , I am your Grandmother and I will always have your back we will get you that surgery even if I have to pay for it my self” , when we hung up after about an hour I felt a sense of relief to know that I have my family on my sided when it comes to this they are going to do everything in their power. After about 2 days I got a phone call from my grandmother and she said ” Malaja I have some numbers & names for you I want you to start doing your research on these doctors , well start here and then well take the next step. , Like I said you are getting that surgery “. I began to look into the doctors finding out who they were , putting names to faces and what not, looking up their fatalities the whole 9 yards. I get another phone call from my grandmother about a week later telling me that she wanted me to stop looking into those surgeons because there is another surgeon who was recommended to her by a friend at her bible study group who they know personally. So I started to look into him and find out that this doctor has a practice right where I am from. After a couple of weeks I get a phone call from a random number I pick up and … “Hello Can We Speak with Malaja Hicks , This is …… we are calling from Dr…… ‘s Office (After I get the okay I will disclose his name) ” so about 10 minutes later I am hanging up the phone while in utter shock that I just received a personal phone call from my now new surgeons office for a consultation.

Most Recent Picture  Where I Am Not Hiding it as much

A couple of weeks past by and it is time for my doctors appointment. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I still didn’t believe that I actually got this appointment from the doctor him self. I walk into the Hospital fill out all of the necessary new patient paper work and waited about 10 minutes and they called my name ” Malaja (of course they said my first name wrong )  Hicks”  , I walk in take my vitals back , walk back into the waiting area and the journey begings “Malaja Hicks , Dr….. is ready to see you now” . I walk into the patients room awaiting a doctor ready to do what he does best. Now this is my Mark Sloan. The Doctor begins taking my measurements and asking about life before my breast and life after my I have the surgery if I plan on doing anything I that I didn’t normally do due to my huge chest . I said “Yes I plan on getting back into the gym and getting this body back to how it used to be before my hormones decided they wanted to kick in late”. After doing all the things he had to do so he submit his letter / notes to the insurance company. My Mark Sloan left me with the words,  ” I am 99.9 % sure your insurance will cover this surgery because you are abnormally large for your height , So lets set your date to say BYE BYE UNCOMFORT for FEBRUARY 2ND 2017 but I want you to come back in JANUARY 16TH 2017 for some pre opt paper work. “

The amount of excitement I had on my face was unbelievable. After years of pain and suffering I will now be able to go back to things I enjoy doing , like basketball , cheerleading , dancing and even going to the gym.



If you want to know more about my surgery & everything that I have gone through please feel free to contact

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6 thoughts on “Saying Good Bye To The Big Ole Bitties

  1. I can’t wait to see how your surgery went! I can’t imagine having to live with such large breasts. Now I can’t say that I didn’t wish my were a little larger but seriously these things are tiny lol! I hope it all went well for you!

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