If You Don’t Know About Them Your Crazy . . FT Pink Pearl Natural


A couple of weeks ago I hosted the pink carpet at a  Sip Shop & Socialize event, I happen to come across a booth that was filled with nothing but pink & more pink (hint hint : pink is my favorite color ) so you know I had to one ATTACK the booth , and  find out more about this line. The Owner of the line & I got to talking about her Handcrafted & Luxurious Bath Treats. Before even getting started with telling you about the line , LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE OWNER AND THE WOMAN BEHIND THE BRAND. This Lady is one of the most heart warming and professional woman I have even met in my life. She is a mother of all girls,  who wants nothing but the best for your skin.

To start off this review , lets talk about their



As they stated on their site,  “Our Signature Lip Slushies will have you addicted from the first moment you try them!” This lip slushie is packed with natural ingredients like natural raw sugar & coconut oil (which you know I personally love) . Its a gentle  enough exfoliate for your lips that it doesn’t over exfoliate your lips. you are taking off the dry skin & the best part about this lip scrub , YOU CAN LICK IT RIGHT OFF YOUR LIPS.

Pink Pearl Body Oil


One thing I like to look for in  a oil is if it s light weight and it is moisturizing. And this oil does just that. This oil is the perfect body oil that you lather down in after a hot shower or you can add to your bath for a luxurious feel. Not to add the smell is impeccably amazing. To make this oil even more amazing it has sparkles to make you sparkle and shit like the princess you are.

Exfoliating Body Slushie


First Thing First about this product , The Smell OMG ! ! !  Amazing to the 10th degree of awsomeness. This Product no only scrubs away the deadskin , & dirt but it also leaves your legs feeling amazingly soft beause of the added oils ,  Not to add smelling good. Let me tell you after shaving my legs I personally couldn’t stop touching them and rubbing one against another. (WARNING: This is one of the messy products because it is coffee, But it is so worth the messiness)

Pink Pearl Bath Bomb


Let Me start off by saying , If you want to feel any thing like a pink princess YOU NEED TO CLICK THIS LINK NOT NOW BUT RIGHT NOW . This bath bomb is literally the BOMB, if received a pink bomb of goodness might i say. This bomb left my skin feeling silky smooth and hints of sparkles. Not forgetting when you actually drop in the tub your water will turn a princess pink and you will be left with flower petals for a beautiful relaxing calming bath.

Overall Review : My personal & one 10000000000% real review on this line , is definable a repurchase of theses products. Not only is this line a perfect line that works for you but it also is perfect gift for someone who is in need of luxurious beauty and bath products that are pack with natural and organic ingredients that are great for skin & will make you feel like the Princess / Queen that you are !

Moral of the story is that PINK PEARL NATURALS is a must have  beauty and bath line that should be in your bathroom !



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