Killing Your First Month After A Breast Reduction.

1st Month Post Op Breast Reduction

Guess Who’s Back ! !  Today officially marks my first month after my breast reduction and I am elated with my results and the difference I am already starting to fall in love with my new Twins. Further more I will be giving you a full on guide /  tips on How To Kill Your First Month After A Breast Reduction Surgery.  

WARNING: I will be getting very raw and straight to the point.

The Week Before 

  • Stock Up On Zip Up / Button Ups 

-Stocking up on these types of shirts and sweaters is one of the most helpful tips I can give you. I can not express how important it is that you do you raise your arms above your chest line. One you will be in a lot of pain if you do and Two you do not want to open your incisions that your Plastic Surgeon made.

  • Raise Your Bed / Make  Sure Your Bed is about hip level (at minimum)

-Due to the fact that you will not be able to bend down for at least 1 week it is highly advised that your bed is easy for you to get in and out of (You can find bed risers at Wal-Mart)

  • Stock Up On Your Fluids

– Water , Gatorade , Powerade , Fruit Juices everything but soda. You want to make sure you drink lot of fluid while taking your antibiotics. So stocking up on fluids is crucial. My Advise to you is to grab something filled with electrolytes since you will loose lots of electrolytes during your surgery.

  • Find Your  Person ( My Personal HomeHealth Aid LML) 

– Having someone by your side for the first couple of weeks is something that you will need. Someone who you feel comfortable enough to see your whole body exposed , somebody who will cook for you , somebody who will make sure you are taking your meds on time… your person. Your person is someone who will help you do everything , no matter how many times you have read that they some one was able to do things by their self so quickly..  THEY LIED TO YOU . You will need that person for support and someone who is going to baby you. In my case I had two both my mother & my aunt.

The Night Before

  • Take Out Your Clothes 

-Making sure you are putting your clothing somewhere it is easy access so you don’t have to worry about finding them and not knowing where they are. My best advice is to get a small basket / bin to your clothes and make sure it is in arms reach not too high nor too low.

  • Eat Light All Day & Stuff Your Face Heavy From 10pm – 12am 

-The reason I am saying to eat light through out the day is because remember you will not be able to eat after a certain time so you want your belly to be as full as you can possible. Because I personally love late night snacks &  late night drinks, I somehow always have a full cup of juice or water by my bed at night and wake up with it empty in the morning.    ** Helpful Hint: Try sleeping with an empty water bottle by your bed the night before so when you reach over to “drink” you trick your body into thinking your drinking something but your really drinking air**

  • Scarf Down At Least 2/3 Gallons Of Water Through Out The Day 

-For your surgery dat you want your veins to be open and free, so make sure you drink lots of water to keep them open. **Helpful Hint: Try to drink at least one gallon before your cut off time to when you are banned from liquids and solids **

  • Dont Sleep 

– This tip actually came from my father, I know you’ve heard plenty horror stories about people waking up during surgery. Well I kind of found a solution to that. I didn’t sleep the day / night before. I stayed up until it was time for me to go under the knife. That way once they put me under I was under and wasn’t waking up for the life of me. My body was relaxed and tired , SO WAS I.


  •   Take Your Meds 

-Trust me when I say take your meds. You will not one want to miss your medication exspecially for your first week post op. Yes you will be sore , yes you will not want to get up but you will have to get up and walk around due to your meds you will get bloated and the circulation in your body will stop flowing because of the trauma you body has endured. But remember when taking any ANTIBIOTICS you must eat something ever though you might have an appetite you will need to eat , drinking ensure or even a smoothie will work in place of a meal.

  • No Public Transportation 

-Living in NYC , the easiest and fastest way of travel is either the bus or train depending on where you are going. But in the case of you being freshly open and you are subseptible to infection you best bet is to have somebody who is on call to drive you or catch a cab to your doctors appointments and any running  you may want to do.

  • Drink Your Fluids 

Remember how you stocked up on your fluids (gatorades)  the week prior to your surgery. Well now is the time you will be putting those bottles to good use. Drinking the Gatorades will help replace the electrolytes you might have lost during you surgery. Gatorade also helps get your energy needed so you can do your walks around the house. Me personally I just walked up & down my hallway once or twice and went back to resting and relaxing.

  • Rest & Relax

Yes you will want to get up quick and get back to your normal routine but you must REST & RELAX. When you sleep your body natuarally heals its self. So DO NOT BE IN A RUSH TO GET BACK TO WORK. Take the time you need to recover. My doctor gave my the ” OKAY ” to go back to work and to gym after two weeks  but I still am not up to full potential quite yet. I took a 3rd week off from work and in the gym I’m only working on my lower half of my body. Your upper body isn’t ready TRUST ME I KNOW.


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13 thoughts on “Killing Your First Month After A Breast Reduction.

  1. Thanks so much for this!
    I’m in the “I think I’m going to actually do this” phase so any and all info and prep is a HUGE help!


  2. Why? I haven’t paid too close attention to your blog. However, most is very true, some, by the way is utter bollocks.


  3. That was somr very helpful information. I may actually be a bit more nervous about going through with this but congratulations! Thats such an exciting step to take.


  4. I’m 10 days post surgery. Going from a small frame at 30j I suffered the inevitable back, shoulder and neck pain.
    I was a little anxious about the surgery but so far I’m super happy with my tiny new pair (as is my husband who was continually asked “are you alright with this man?”- erm excuse me but is he carrying around this much weight?. This made me feel so cross!).
    When coming round from surgery I could not believe the miracle that had happened and how the pain listed above hade suddenly gone- it felt amazing and something I thought would disappear gradually- the back of me felt AMAZING!
    The only thing I wasn’t prepared for was the level of emotion that hit me 5 days later, I’m not an emotional woman but I had a day where I could not stop the tears, I felt ridiculous but was told it is normal- so my advice, stock up on tissues and be prepared for Pmt x100!
    But just 10 days on and I’m saying it is most certainly worth the discomfort!!!


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