I Bet They Didn’t Warn You About This

With One Month of College Down,  I thought I would tell you a few things they forgot to mention to you about college

1. If you don’t have much money, the best option is starting out at CUNY or SUNY (whatever state/city colleges) because they are 3-4 times less than private colleges & are not ONLY community colleges but some are 4-year universities as well.

2. If you wait for college, time will pass, you get older & more responsibilities will come your way & you might get so wrapped up in life that you can’t even go back or the complete college or can’t afford it on top of your other adult bills

3. If you want to work while you’re in school, the best option is to register for night classes so that you can work & intern during the day.

4. Dorming is fun but actually, does cost more than renting your own apartment…

5. All the people you see at college “balling” on social media are balling off of financial aid. When you don’t go to private school, most likely you will have unused, leftover financial aid which goes to your pockets. Some students get over $2,000 back after every semester.

6. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR AT LEAST 4 classes to qualify as full time. If you don’t, you will lose any aid you have. Then again 4 CLASSES IS NOT ENOUGH TO GRADUATE ON TIME. I recommend taking 6 classes per semester. If you don’t, you will be in college for 5-6 years & will eventually be paying more.

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