Summer 2018: Life Update!

I know I’ve been gone for the past few months , it feels like I’ve neglected my blog but these past few months have been extremely rewarding 🙂 I’ve had time to travel , rebrand myself , celebrate my 23rd birthday , get some mental clarity, & work on my self overall!

Amongst my time I from my time off, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to one of my favorite places in the world Los Angeles, California. I went for BET WEEKEND & BET AWARDS! Going out to LA was so much rewarding then you would think. It made me realize how much I determined I am to leave NY and move to LA. Give me maybe another year or two i promise I will Be in LA FULL TIME.



The vibes out there are just so amazing I feel like I was born be live out in Cali. My skin started to clear up out there. I even felt lighter than ever. I felt like California was a Dream come true. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t living my best life.

During my trip I was able to hit some of the Hottest spots in California. Santa Monica , Venice , Downtown La , Rodeo Drive , Beverly Hills, HollyWood , Walk Of Fame & so much more.

I got some amazing shots of some of the land marks & most memorable moment in LA.

On the very last day out in LA as my mother & I sat down & ate our last meal in Cali , it just so happened to be our favorite Seafood (We couldn’t leave with out grubbing on the goods) I asked my mom “How would you feel if I moved across the country to live out in California?” , she then gave me an answer I didn’t think in a million year would ever Happen !

“As Long as you T’s are crossed & I’s are dotted go ahead and live your life , I can expect to hold on to you forever”

With that being said I will be moving to Cali in a couple of years. If not sooner !

-Malaja Dior

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