Acne Prone Skin Must-Haves!

Since my terrible break out last year I’ve managed to not only one clear up my acne but I’ve managed to get it under control. Acne is always the easiest thing to talk about because everybody has different skin & their skin has different needs. Not only will these 5 products get your skin glow but you will be able to save a big buck & won’t break the bank.

Everything on this list is under $15. I was able to find everything on AMAZON for you guys just in case you can’t find it at your local TARGET, WALMART, WHOLE FOODS, CVS & ETC  To get an idea of my skin to base your regime around this list, I have Oily to Combination Skin.

1.Dr. Bronners Soap Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Amazon Price $7.49


Everyone needs a good cleanser for their face right? Well not only can this soap be used as a face wash you can double it as a body wash but wait it doesn’t stop there this soap can be used in endless ways. Shampoo, Bubble Bath, even Laundry Detergent. Dr. Bronners has definitely done something that no man has ever done before. I used to think this soap was all hype until I finally tried it my self. Not only is this soap one of the best soaps I’ve come across but its SUPPPPPPPPPPPPPER affordable.

2.Aztec Healing Clay Mask

Amazon Price $7.50


About once or twice a week I like to have some ME TIME. ( As you should too) during my me time I like to do a good deep penetrating mask. Doing a deep penetrating makes me feel like I’ve put some extra loving into my pore during the week. I usually find my self-pulling for this Indian Healing Aztec Mask. Check Out This Youtube video on how & what I put into this mask. ( BTW I Still Do Use The African Black Soap About Once A Week)

3.Noxzema Classic Clean – Original Deep Cleansing Cream 

Amazon Price $11.75


This product is a holy grail for many of years for me. I haven’t found a cleaner that leaves my skin feeling as clean and amazing as this cleansing cream does. I’ve changed from using this cream to just in the morning to give my skin a little pick me up.

Right before I start to brush my teeth I put a nice layer on my skin & I let it do it magic & work while I brush my teeth & sometimes even walk around the house first thing in the morning to give my skin that extra love. I don’t know what it is but Noxzema is the GOAT.

4.Thayers Witch Hazel 



After cleansing my face after both day and night you should always use a toner that gives your skin that extra TLC. This toner is a newbie for me & I can honestly say it does the job Perfecto. It doesn’t over dry my skin (pssssssssst it’s alcohol-free) it gives my skin the clean feel without it being to clean if that makes sense. You can use either the Rose Petal or the original. I love the Rose Petal one because Rose Water is one of my favorite facial mist to use to hydrate my skin throughout the day ( But that’s another post for another day). I also tend to find that this toner helps catch break out right in its tracks. NEEEEED I SAY MORE.



I know you’ve probably heard this one million times, well let me tell you for the One Million & One time. WATER WATER WATER WATER IS KEY. Water flushes Toxins, Water Hydrates, Water Makes Your SKIN GLOW !!!

Now That You Know You Can Have Glowing Skin With Out Breaking The Bank, Get Your Glow On Girl. Don’t forget to comment if you tried any of these things & Let me know how they work out for you too.

Until Next Time,

Malaja Dior


6 thoughts on “Acne Prone Skin Must-Haves!

  1. These are some great products! I love the smell of Noxzema, and it works amazing. Pinning for later because we all get breakouts now and again.


  2. I have such acne prone skin and it was really bad in my teens and up to mu mid-20s. Witch hazel was a lifesaver for me and I still use it even though my skin has cleared up tons. I also like tea tree oil (diluted) to help clean any surface bacteria off of my skin.

    Thanks for sharing! x



  3. These products looks great. I want to try them and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!



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