Things to do if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone

Just Because Your Spending This Valentine’s Day Alone Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Deserve To Be Treated Like The King Or Queen You Rightfully Deserve To Be Treated Like. If I Haven’t Learned Anything Over The Years I’ve Learned To Not Focus On Looking On For Love But To Love Your Self First.

Spa Day

Everybody Deserves A Day To Pamper Their Self. This Spa Day Is One That You Won’t Ever Forget. Run A Hot Bath, Throw In A Bath Bomb, Toss In A Bunch Of Rose Petals, Burn Your Favorite Candles, Grab A Glass Of Your Favorite Wine, Blast Your Favorite Slow Jams & Relax

Buy Your Self A Well Deserved Gift

Every Now & Then You Deserve A Reward For Your Self. Instead Of Looking Of Someone Else To Give You That Reward, Get Your Coints That You Worked Your Ass Off For & Spend The Money On Your Self.

Movie Night

After You Are Done Treating Your Self To A Relaxing Spa Day & Splurge. Grab Your Favorite Movie, Some Snacks & A Bottle Of Win & Enjoy A Carefree Well Deserved Night Off.

**Ps Make Sure You Turn Off Your Phone So You Have No Distractions**.

Dinner For One

Now You Know All Of The Couples Are Going To Be Out Tonight, So Skip Out On The Restaurant & Head Straight For Home. You Can Tackle This One Of Two Ways Head To Your Closest Grocery Store & Pick Up Something That You Haven’t Had In Forever Or Grab Some Take Out From Your Favorite Restaurant But Whichever You Do Choose Make Sure It Paired With Your Favorite Bottle Of Wine. To Make The Night Extra Special For You Make Sure You Grab Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure Of Dessert.  

Let Loose & Let Go

Who Can Ever Deny A Night Of Letting Loose & Letting Go? If You Haven’t Already Been Doing This Today Is The Best Day To Start. You Can Do This In Any Predicament, In The Shower, While Watching A Movie, While Cooking. You Might Not Realize It But The

Major Key To Self Love: Love Your Self First & Live Stress-free Always…   

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