9 Hulu & Netflix Shows I’m Currently Obsessed With

Picture this, You are at home on a rainy, cold, nasty Sunday bored out of your mind & all you have is your laptop & WIFI. So what do you do? Turn on your laptop, Go to Netflix or Hulu, but you have no idea what to watch . . . . welp here is where I come in & save the day.

I’ve gone through both my Netflix & Hulu accounts & compiled a list of 9 shows that I’m personally obsessed with & who knows you might become obsessed too.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Let’s be completely honest here, Who doesn’t live for a little bit of SVU. I’ve lost complete count on how many times I’ve watched Oliva Benson & Eliot Stabler fight crime season after season, it never gets old. This show will forever be on my binge list. Plus the relationship between Olivia Benson & Elliot Stabler is always going to be one for the books.

Grey’s Anatomy

This list could not be complete without Grey’s Anatomy. I guarantee if you ask me any medical question I could answer it based on what I’ve watched on this show. If you remember I referenced my surgeons for my breast reduction to this show.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire is an all-time classic. I remember when I was younger my mother & I always used to watch this show. Like there wasn’t an episode I didn’t miss. If we weren’t watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit it was definitely Buffy. Maybe watching this show so young is why I still can’t sleep without a little light shining in my room. Oh, yea I’m still lowkey crushing on Angel I mean he was pretty hot for a thousand-year-old vampire.


Even if your not in college anymore this show is one for the books. Its a spin-off from the tv show Blackish, it takes you through the life of a college student. Grownish is one of those shows that touch on a lot of controversial topics and let’s not add the soundtrack is HOT AS HELL. To be honest I wish this show was on when I was still in school.

The Gifted

First things first, The Gifted is one of those shows where you will have to watch the X-Men movies to truly understand the show. The show is years after all of the mutant mess that happened in the “years” before the current time frame. During the first episode, we even get a cameo from the creator of the X-Men Stan Lee. Let us not forget to add, we finally get to see the daughter of Magneto.


Star is definitely one of my top 10 shows. If this show doesn’t explain itself, lets me put you on. Nothing but great visuals, beautiful vocals & Lord Jesus eye worthy eye candy. Star makes me want to hit booth my damn self. From producing their own hit to remaking some classics. STAR IS IT.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars, isn’t just a show its whole era. I remember always fighting with my best friend about who A was. I can honestly say I didn’t start watching this show when it came on cable but once I started watching it on Netflix I wasn’t able to stop. You literally had to pry the laptop away for my hands when I first started watching PLL. SB: I still & Always believed Wren was A.


If you were someone like me who lived for Archie’s Weird Mysteries, RIVERDALE is one of those shows you will definitely enjoy. Riverdale is based on the Archie comics. Much like the comics, Riverdale filled with suspense, mystery & retro feels. Now I can admit that I wasn’t hip to when it first started but now that I have started I am HOOKED FOR LIFE. If You start watching now, your not too late. You catch up pretty quick.

The Passage

If you are into Vampires & gory worth content then The Passage is something you might want to tune into. Granted the show just aired a couple of weeks ago but it’s a show worth your while. Even though we are only 6 episodes into the season it became something that is on my list of MUST WATCHED. I promise you won’t regret it.

Now that you’ve probably checked out one or two of them, Comment below which one is now on your list? Also what show are you are currently obsessing over? I’m always looking for new shows to watch.

Signed Malaja Dior

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