Thank You For Tuning Into Malaja Dior TV, growing up I’ve always dreamed of having my own TV show & on that tv show, I wanted to inspire people all around the world so they can be the best person they can be. So I thought to my self what platform can I use to create a place “Where a person ( No matter shape, size, skin color or gender) can go to get tips & tricks on living their best life”. Thus Malaja Dior TV was created.

Malaja Dior TV is a bridge between all things Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Health & Fashion thru the eyes of Malaja Dior (PSSSSSSSSST YUP THAT’S ME). I created Malaja Dior TV because I wanted you guys to feel as if I am the older sister you never had. I’ll take you along the ride of life with me. Being only 23 I have an abundance of life to live and I want you to be a part of that journey. Whether it’s Experiencing New Things In NYC (As If I Haven’t Lived Here All My Life)Traveling The World, Trying New Skincare Products, Family Vacations or Just Living My Best Life. I want you to experience it all while learning How To Live Your Best Life !!!  

WithOut Further Or Do I Now Present To You Malaja Dior TV !!!

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